Using The Real Kelly Criterion Method?

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First, it was invented by an information theorist, not an economist, and for that reason, economists reflexively defend their turf. Second, there’s an over-emphasis on volatility-adjusted returns (I purposely did not write risk -adjusted returns here) and widespread preaching of diversification going on in business schools. The Kelly criterion finds no place here because it doesn’t offer you a way to maximize your volatility-adjusted returns but instead offers you a way to maximize the growth rate of your wealth. The formula depends entirely on your ability to accurately work out the probabilities of future sports outcomes. Inaccurate estimates will result in incorrect stake sizes. So stake will vary with the size of odds but the EV remains constant for every bet.

What Is Kelly Criterion All About?

The outcome of this bet is assumed to have no relationship to any other bet you make. Your fortune will grow, on average, by about 0.28% on each bet. But on those occasions when you lose, you will lose your stake of $57.00. Gambling Bankroll ($)The amount of capital you are prepared to risk. We don’t recommend that you place any bets based upon the results displayed here.

In the hope of remedying that, I’ve started this page. I am the Explaining Soccer Betting Win, Lose And Tie author of a book, Fortune’s Formula , in which John Kelly is a key figure. Kelly was a Bell Labs physicist and computer scientist of diverse accomplishments and interests.

You have a 33% chance of losing half of your bankroll before you double your payroll. There have been many attempts to modify the Kelly Criterion to make it less volatile. His theory has been applied to gambling with increasing frequency over the years. Conversely, the Kelly Criterion doesn’t assure you won’t lose money. The criterion minimizes the chance you will lose all your money.

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Computing and following an exact decision tree increases earnings by $6.6 over a modified KC. The equation is below, but don’t get wrapped up in the math – you aren’t a high-stakes gambler. The point is to have a consistent strategy that is neither so reckless that you could suffer a painful loss nor so small that you barely move the needle. Betting Tools – Convert odds and size your bets appropriately.

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This is a consequence of both the artificial nature of the example and the extensive leverage employed. 10% loss in a day is not particularly common in higher-frequency algorithmic trading, but it does serve to show how extensive leverage can be on absolute terms. It might seem that the only important investor objective is to simply “make as much money as possible”.

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The idea is to get the highest possible return on capital or in simpler terms, how to get the most money from the amount you start with, over time. You can see how this piqued the interest of gamblers and investors. When you input your hitrate the MPO will automatically update. So in the above image, we have it set to a hitrate of 0.55, with that hitrate the minimum average odds we would need to be profitable is 1.81, as shown in the calculator.