Use It: Secret Functions Mobile Games Application For Android Devices You May Not Know Exist (With Screenshots)

This approachable guide will help you to know the hacks of creating Android apps with the utmost ease. TechAhead, a leading mobile app development company is known to deliver high quality mobile apps for all platforms and frameworks. Contact our experts now to take your business to the next level. If you want to create a game app for free – use platform that allows the building of games on the latest trends, Unity is the one. Supporting both developments of 2D and 3D games, Unity is a flexible platform to build powerful games when you do not know the programming language to create a mobile game app.

  • To create graphics for posts or small-run campaigns, Canva’s database of photos ($1 each) and fonts makes creating design deliverables accessible to even the most left-brained of people.
  • This will create a single file executable in the dist folder.
  • To test the application online apk downloader on your own device, you’ll need to enable USB debugging on the device.
  • The Word Pass upgrade (which requires an in-app purchase) increases the number of levels to more than 140.
  • The last TextView control in Listing 2 displays a welcome message to the user.

These directions will be somewhat general since I don’t actually know what your app idea is but I find the best way to do this is to imagine yourself using your app. That will help you get real world feedback from real users which can guide and correct your understanding of what people actually want. MVP was a concept that i first heard from The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

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It stands for “minimum viable product” and the idea is that it’s better to launch a small version of your product first so that you can get it into the hands of actual users. Users will be able to set a username, profile photo and short bio. Now you don’t have to be super rigorous and detailed for your own app idea but it’s still a good idea to identify the overall goal and strategy to your app idea as much as possible now. Once you get into execution, any changes you want to make could potentially mean lots of wasted work and effort. When I was doing software consulting, this process was called business requirements gathering and it was the most important phase of the project because it helps clarify what clients wanted. The vision will undoubtedly evolve and change based on actual user feedback and testing but for now, the sky’s the limit.

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This app is geared towards children from 2 to 4 years old. Puzzles stimulate the centers of the brain for spatial skills, critical thinking and visual perception. Download the best puzzle apps for your iPhone or Android and improve your abilities while having fun trying to beat the puzzle. We’ve got a collection of puzzle apps that has been tested and tried by teachers and parents to meet your skill level and challenge your children. I can speed through a few levels when I’m itching to play a game, or pore over a single level in frustration. If geometry was a strong suit in high school, this brain teaser will light your fire, with dozens of levels for slicing different shapes into smaller figures of specified ratios.

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Fans of The X-Files and Twin Peaks will have fun with this one. What happens when lots of zombies are coming toward you? You have nothing to do except shooting them and run away. To give you this thrilling experience, JoyMore GAME came up with Death Invasion. This is one of the best action games for Android out there. This game comes with a storyline that is both touching and thrilling. Let’s look into another action shooting game with stunning audio-visual qualities.

Your goal is to solve each puzzle to create a network and man, it can get intense. There are 70 levels to beat with 146 stars to collect, so completionists out there have plenty to do. The touch controls are well-optimized, never giving me any trouble as I navigated the game world. The aesthetic and setting are interesting and special, with plenty of mechanical puzzles and cool setpieces. Finally, the story is good enough to keep you going and wondering what’s going on.

Five Fun Puzzle Apps To Stretch Your Brain

We will have to wait and see exactly how much pickup J2Android actually sees. So those of you out there hoping to avoid learning how to write Android code may have to wait a while.