Top 6 Essential Video How To Manually Install Video Card Drivers for Windows Vista on Asus laptop for Beginners

Hopefully Microsoft will release a fix soon enough to resolve this problem. All current audio playback devices connected to your computer will display. If you have attached a speaker and a headphone, both will display here. Worked perfectly for me on Windows 10 with ASRock K10N78 coprocessor driver.

Otheroperating systems (e.g. Ubuntu Linux) will install similarly, so you may be able to use these instructions as a guide. If you have bought a PC without an operating system, you may get a mesage similar to this when you first turn onyour PC. An Operating System is software which allows your PC to run applications, e.g. games and the internet. There are many different operating systems, but the one most people are familiar with is Windows, e.g. Ensure the power switch on the back of the computer is turned on.

In one last desperate attempt to avoid screwing in DVI cables, I tried to get to the bottom of this once and for all. I did some further searching round the internet and found that a few other people had encountered this issue before. Uninstalling the driver and attempting to reinstall it from scratch. I could see it in the settings, but when trying to tell it to “extend these displays”, it couldn’t save the configuration.

There are a few ways to go about this, and we’ll start with the easiest. You might be able to solve this using Windows 10’s built-in options. Open Start Menu and just type ‘Mouse’ and click on ‘Mouse and touchpad settings’. Under the Touchpad heading, you can change the delay between you typing and the touchpad being activated.

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To find out what sort of touchpad you have, use Device Manager in the steps outlined above. Having worked out who makes your touchpad, you can take the following steps. Our steps here will be very broad strokes that should be repeatable with most laptops.

Open the Device Manager for the computer, right-click the computer name at the top and select ‘Scan for Hardware Changes’. Ensure this has been completed for all device functions shown in the list, then close the main properties dialog. Reconnect ONLY the monitor you were having issues with to the power, and to the PC. Unplug the monitor you’re having issues with from its power source.

How to install Mouse drivers

If you didn’t purchase Windows with the PC, you will need to install an Operating System and Drivers . If you have external speakers or headphones, you can connect them to the computer’s audio ports on the back of the case. Speakers/headphones connect to the green port, microphones connect to the pink port and the blue port is line in. If you are using a 5.1 system, the way the ports work can usually be changed to match your cables using software.

I wanted to make full use of the 144Hz functionality on the monitors, and to do so I would have to use either DisplayPort or DVI-D. I have a personal dislike of DVI cables and the way you have to screw them in.

Uncomplicated Device Manager Systems – The Options

I have the same notebook as you, and I just fixed my missing coprocessor issue by doing as Matt explained. It cured a missing driver problem for me with Windows 10 on my Asus Eeebox 1501 PC. I can’t guarantee what will happen as I have no device with an Nvidia ION 2. The Nvidia ION chipset was used in affordable Intel Atom based Nettop PC’s released in 2009 onwards. Although not very powerful compared to PC’s of the time Nvidia ION based Nettop PC’s such as the Acer Revo R3600 series and the AsRock ION 330 where very popular for playing HD video. If not, you can go to your laptop’s touchpad manufacturer directly.

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The reason I didn’t just switch over to DVI-D after I discovered this issue was mainly because of my desire to find out what went wrong. If the problem is with all your devices, let’s try fix your connection. It does mean waiting a few extra seconds at start-up though… but that is a trade-off I would consider worthwhile if it means getting sound first time without having to restart always.