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Open and find an area near you using the search function. Print a map of the area, selecting the “Geospatial PDF” format in the upper left hand corner. This adds some geo-reference information to the PDF document. Search results can be download into a spreadsheet format for sorting or other purposes. Portland Maps can be used to search by property address to find active and historical building permit, trade permit, land use review and enforcement case information .

  • (Click to enlarge.)I took the same .docx Word file from my local computer and uploaded it to both Google Docs and the Word Web App.
  • I made some formatting changes–some bold text, some italic text, some highlighted text–and inserted an image; I then saved it and downloaded it back to my PC.
  • When I opened it in Word 2010 again, the Word Web App file looked exactly as it should, but the Google Docs file had a different font, different line spacing, and jacked formatting.
  • It is now possible to add users and whole Google groups as members of Google communities.

Automatic Desktop Organization

This is exactly what I do when abandoned national forest trails are shown on USGS quads but not on printed maps at stores. I trace my route on Caltopo USGS or FS 2016 maps, send the KML to email, and import the KML onto a free USGS quad.

I’ll pass on paying, as have many others judging by their ratings. I’ve found that importing the PDF from the web link is really quick as well, skipping dropbox entirely.

Regulatory Flood Map Products

I know I’m not crazy, I just imported 4 KML files onto 1 USGS PDF map for free. These 4 KML files were 4 separate GPX tracks from recent hikes. That’s why I like to use Dropbox as my import conduit instead of a web link from Caltopo. An alternative to Dropbox as a means of loading Caltopo maps is to use the scanner tool in Avenza to scan the QR code on your Caltopo map or just enter the associated Caltopo map URL directly.

The possibilities are really endless and should herald a new era of smartphone-enabled map publishing. Geospatial PDF has the ability to completely transform the map publishing landscape that we know today, making it possible to publish ‘smart maps’ that can determine your location when displayed on a smartphone.

Too bad Avenza sucks and jacked their prices beyond what is reasonable. The availability of free map publishing tools like Caltopo that can generate Geospatial PDF means that individuals can begin to self-publish smartphone-enabled maps for sale or to share with friends.

That way Avenza is always free, no need to worry about PDF purchases. I’ve been doing this on Avenza for 2 years at no cost, importing KML from other GPS tracks or Caltopo KML I made myself. For my purposes, if I want to upload more than 3 of my own maps, you need to pay $30 per year.