Tips For Handling Car Collisions Hassle-Free

Being involved in a car collision is definitely one of the most stressful events in the life of a driver. No matter how many years of driving experience you might have, and how many crashes you have personally witnessed in time, the image of a crashed car into a pole or another car, with the drivers and passengers inside is never pretty. While no one wishes to be in an accident, disaster, unfortunately, strikes when we least expect it. Assuming you are not currently involved in a real-time car crash, and you are simply looking to know what to expect from one, these next few tips should come in handy.

How To Manage A Stressful Car Collision Incident

Assess the situation.

  • If you have been involved in a car accident, you are required by the law to report the incident to the authorities in charge. You will need to fill in a police report and immediately get in touch with the police an/or an ambulance in case someone involved in the collision has suffered any crash

  • Any passengers or drivers that have not suffered any injuries should also remain at the scene of the accident.

  • It is best to maintain the post-crash position of the cars unless you need to immediately evacuate an injured victim. Find out what else you should avoid ding in case of a car crash here.

  • It is also necessary to call the police in case of a hit-and-run accident, or a crash that involves a pedestrian.

Take practical measures at the scene.

  • If there are no injuries as a result of the collision, ensure the cars are not obstructing the traffic in any way. Move your car on the side of the road or take it to a safe area. Use the hazard sign.

  • Write down the plate number of all the cars involved in the collision and the contact details of all drivers. Do the same with any witnesses in the area.

  • Take photos at the scene.

Document your evidence.

  • Do a sketch of the collision scene if you cannot take any pictures.

  • Take photos of the lane markings, including any debris or damage done to any nearby structures.

  • Write down the exact, date, time, and location of the crash.

  • Fill up any necessary and relevant forms on the spot.

Assess the damage.

  • Get in touch with your insurance agent and learn where can you repair your car in case you plan on using the self-claim policy. You may need to assess your car at an independent damage evaluation service prior to getting the repairs started.

  • Get in touch with us and let us schedule the repairs at a time and date that are most convenient for you. Great Lakes Ford Collision constantly strives to prevent insurance companies from creating any kind of inconveniences. We also specialize in all types of repairs for all vehicle makes and models. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all repairs.

Tips For Improving Safety On Your Car

While defensive driving and respecting all driving regulations are critical conditions that should cut the risk of cars crashes, there are additional things to do in this regard.

Make sure your car is working in pristine form at all times. Schedule periodical car inspections and perform all necessary repairs, no matter how small and apparently insignificant. An ignition switch that tends to get stuck from time to time will eventually prevent you from starting the engine in a crisis, potentially leading to an unwanted incident. A broken transponder key or a faulty lock on the trunk could also lead to various types of safety matters, including car break-ins and theft. Contact a locksmith near me you can trust and have them assess all of the locks and keys on your car and recommend the best solutions.

If you do not already have a car alarm installed, you may want to consider opting for one for enhanced protection. Locks for steering wheels or brakes are also common solutions most car owners rely on for similar reasons. You could also replace your traditional metal keys with electronic options and or have an expert locksmith replace your old and obsolete lock mechanism and use transponder keys instead.

A broken car door lock issue could force you to lose focus while driving on a highway and potentially cause you to crash in a car driving from the opposite side. Make sure you have even the smallest vulnerabilities taken care of on time and limit the risk of security issues and additional problems in the long run.