The Psychology Behind Your Car’s Color

Whether you want to give a fresh look to your old car or you need to fix the paint on your car after a collision, knowing a thing or two about the psychology behind car colors could be helpful. There are quite a few things that should be factored in when picking out a color for a vehicle. Rushing into things or ignoring even some small details could result in making the wrong decision. Keep in mind it’s not only a matter of personal taste and choice; the color of your car will also hide dirt and dust while being seen by everyone in traffic. Car colors also send out a message, even though most owners are not aware of this. Here are some guidelines that should help you put the color of your car into a better perspective.

What’s Your Favorite Color?painted car

Lots of people like the color red for its boldness; and they are willing to pay extra for it. However, did you know that driving a red car could somehow influence your safety behind the wheel? While there are no conclusive studies to officially prove any suppositions concerning car colors, there is a general view that you should avoid red for a reason that is peculiar, to say the least: police officers seem to be more “fond” of red vehicles, as they tend to stop them more often in traffic. In fact, red cars are the cars that get pulled over most often.

Don’t believe us? There are even insurance companies that started charging more for their premiums on red cars and other brightly-colored vehicles, and less for white and silver grey cars, as they consider them safer. White paint is known to reflect sunlight better, which means enhanced visibility on the road.

The Research Behind Car Colors

Now it is time to sit down, relax, free your mind and think about the actual message you would like to convey with your car’s color. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and have everyone admire your car for its boldness and style? Or are you looking to get lost in the crowd and blend in? There are special studies dedicated to the emotions that different colors can trigger. Black will make you look wealthy, beige will help you blend in,

Read about the emotions and psychology behind every color online:

  • red helps you grab attention and makes you look passionate and ambitious;
  • black makes you look wealthy and mysterious
  • yellow makes you look optimistic and cheerful
  • blue makes you look peaceful and loyal
  • beige helps you successfully blend it
  • silver is a mysterious and sensitive color
  • white is the color of success and it is tied to prosperity and luxury

Of course, you could choose another color for your upcoming paint job on your car and send out a different message or opt for a style that fits you better. Figure out if you would rather be trendy or unique and choose a matte or satin paint finish, depending on your personal preferences. Just keep in mind a matter or satin finish will also usually add more to the cost of maintenance.

Vintage Car Painting – The Best Paint Options

In case you want to repaint a classic car, assess its historical accuracy and the latest advancements in the field of car painting. Paint colors for vintage cars have gradually changed over the last 100 years. You may have a more difficult time coming across a suitable color for a car model in the sixties, but you might have zero issues with finding the right shade for a historically popular model. Expert shops should be able to easily create the colors you are looking for; get in touch with us and let our five decades of experience in the paint and collision repair industry provide you with just what you need.

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