The 6 Best Weed Eaters Of 2021

In a two-stroke engine, the oil and fuel are mixed together in the fuel tank. Some of the fuel mixture is expelled before being used, and since the piston fires twice as often, the gas burns up much faster in this type of engine. The engine whirls a monofilament string round and round with sufficient velocity to slice through grass and weeds, trimming away the chaff until your property is the cream of the crop. The dual line on this string trimmer can be extended with a quick squeeze of a trigger and a bump on the ground. It uses .095-inch line for greater durability and more rugged cutting.

Since it’s a 2-cycle, straight-shaft gas string trimmer, it also offers a great deal of versatility. It has a good long drive shaft, enabling you to maneuver around trees and other obstacles with ease. In 1958, they became the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell portable electric planers. Most people recognize the blue drill manufactured by Makita, but they also produce a vast assortment of outdoor power tools.

  • If there’s a lot of edging to be done, lawn crews will typically grab a dedicated edger to complete the task.
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  • This is in stark contrast with gas trimmers, which position the engine at your elbow and scream like fighter jets.
  • Wear eye and ear protection, long pants, and gloves to be safe when using it.
  • Curved shafts can be great for tight spaces and also allow good posture.
  • This model is not the model with the most powerful engine but it has some features that will be invaluable, especially for people who plan to use their weed eater for work.
  • They typically run on 2-cycle gasoline, which requires mixing gas and oil for the engine.

One good thing about these weed eaters is they tend to be lighter in weight, and therefore easier to maneuver, but the good parts stop there. The weed eater has a big cutting diameter, at least equal to most heavy-duty and commercial trimmers. However, motor-wise, it measures a few cubic inches smaller than other gas-powered weed eater engines on our list. When buying a car, the first place you will look is under the hood. With string trimmers, it’s all the same because the primary focus should be put on the power of an engine. You need to figure out the produced horsepower and the number of the cylinders of the selected model.

Handle Type And Weight

You’re directing a vibrating, heavy-weight implement around and keeping it stationary as it chews through heavy materials. Stay hydrated, take regular breaks, and if you start to get sore, it might be time to stop for the day. First, you will have to support the weed eater and then access its spool. There will be a spark plug that you will have to disconnect for safety. To increase the life of a weed eater, you will have to maintain it. Corrective and preventive maintenance is vital to increase the durability of the weed eater.

The ergonomically designed handle is constructed with soft material to make handling even more comfortable. This does not take away from the performance of the trimmer in any way but is something that you should be prepared for. The tank may not hold a large amount of fuel, but this is part of the reason best rated gas weed eater why the trimmer is so lightweight. Anyone who has ever used a gas trimmer before knows how frustrating it can be to start up some models. What’s great about this trimmer is that it’s so easy to use and it’s easy to assemble too. Out of the box, the trimmer is ready for use in less than 10 minutes.

Convenience Features

It also prevents you from accidentally coming in contact with the cutting attachment. It comes with a 25 cc 2-stroke engine and an ergonomically curved shaft to cut down on fatigue from trimming. You can also get this model with a straight shaft if you want.

A 2-stroke completes all five functions in only two strokes of the piston. A 4-stroke requires four piston strokes or two full crankshaft revolutions to complete the functions. Two-cylinder engines run on a mix of gas and oil and are louder to operate. A four-cycle motor has different compartments for fuel and oil, which increases the cost, but operates quieter. Husqvarna’s 525L trimmer houses a 25.4cc, 2-cycle motor equipped with X-Torq® technology to reduce fuel consumption up to 20% and exhaust emissions up to 60%.

For a budget-friendly option, the WS205 holds its own compared to the more expensive models on the list. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for an inexpensive, lightweight trimmer. The BC280 offers smooth, reliable power and great reachability at a reduced price compared to the four-stroke BC490. However, on the flip side, you’re not tethered to an extension cord, constantly dragging it around the yard as you are with a corded trimmer. Or you’re not sidelined, waiting for a battery to recharge every hour or so. Actually, the trimmer length doesn’t affect its working result.

Actual cubic capacity of the motor has relatively little impact on your choice. The majority of motors vary from 20cc to 25cc, and none are under-powered. From travel, food and lifestyle to product reviews and deals, we’re here to show you how to save and what’s worth saving for. Lithium ion battery is compatible with other Ryobi One+ cordless products and takes 90 minutes or less to recharge.

A lot of gas engines come with anti-vibration technology for when you aren’t using your tool, but the power is still on. The best brush cutters will try to minimize vibration while in use, but you will still be dealing with some consistent vibration that can cause muscle fatigue. Usually a steel shaft, it’s what connects your working head to the cutter’s motor. If you’ve got a whole lot of hard, tall, or thick weeds, slender tree saplings, or overgrown bushy material, that’s when you will generally need a brush cutter. A good rule of thumb is that if the material you have to cut is a quarter of an inch in diameter and is brown, not green, you need the brush cutter. If you are using the two-cycle gas-powered weed eater, then you won’t need oil and fuel mixture in the gas tank.

Professional Lawn Treatment Services

We were looking for one that was convenient for intermittent regular use, with enough oomph to handle grass, thick weeds, and the occasional stalky shrub. We think the vast majority of people will be able to get by with a cordless string trimmer. But in some extreme cases, the nonstop power of a gas model is a better fit . It’s normally priced comparably to the Ego ST1521S, so it’s on the low side for a high-quality gas trimmer.

The handle also comes with a soft grip, making it comfortable to hold for long jobs. Apart from the engine, you should also check the trimmer’s cutting width. A long cutting width is always preferred because it means that you’ll save on time cutting grass in one area. Many people know Remington from their bicycles, but they are also more recently known for producing outdoor power tools.

Wemars 38 9cc Gas String Trimmer 4

The best gas string trimmers on the market are built to be durable, heavy-duty pieces of equipment that can trim more grass in less time. Unlike other weed eaters, their gasoline engines are strong enough to also power through thick, tough grass and maybe even small brush. Since they are designed to be more powerful, the best gas trimmers typically have a longer life than battery-operated or corded string trimmers. This type of weed eater and edger is less environmentally friendly.

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Each of these models provide outstanding specifications, as well as features that can make it easier and more affordable to trim on a regular basis. Many of these models also include a worthwhile warranty, which can help justify an investment in a gas weed eater even further. Instead of a blade, string trimmers use a string (or “line”) to slice through foliage. String trimmers consist of a long shaft with a cutting head, also known as a trimmer head, on one end.

First off, this weed eater also doubles a brush cutter, streamlining your landscaping with unparalleled performance. Since it’s powered by a 4 stroke engine, you need not worry about mixing oil and gas. If you’ve upgraded your gas weed eater’s head to accommodate precut trimmer line, these short pieces of nylon are exactly what you’ll need. This option offers tremendous cutting power and durability, but it requires a special trimmer head. Most commercial lawn care operators will use a straight shaft trimmer. The bent shaft trimmers don’t have the performance of their straight shaft cousins, but they do have advantages.

The first weed eaters used gas engines as well until technological developments made the electric models possible. Often the trimming head that comes with the machine you buy is not always very good. If you splash out the cash on a nice new trimmer make sure it has a good trimmer head. I used to use the Shindaiwa trimmer headon my Tanaka because it was so easy to use. Even under commercial conditions I could get a whole days worth of work out of one spool head of line. It was easy to load you just fed the line through the holes in the head and turn the face of the head and it would wind the line in.

Tips And Tricks For Using Your Gas Weed Eater Safely

While using the weed cutter, you can see flying twigs, debris, small branches, stones, and earth. To avoid that, make sure you are protecting the eyes by wearing safety goggles. If you are going to use the machine for light work, then make sure you are not opting for robust machines that will consume more gas. Opt for devices that will be fuel-efficient so you will be able to save money in the long run.

Since you’ll likely be using blades for more serious work, a sturdy grip is key to staying safe. 4-stroke enginesare heavier, give more power output, and run cooler. The design tends to be a bit unbalanced, is more complicated to maintain, and also tends to cost more. Use a sharp scissor to cut an 18-foot long trimmer line from the filler spool. Make sure you are removing any grass, debris, or dirt which is present in the tool. Do not raise it over the waist while using it; otherwise, it will increase the risk of losing balance.

What Kind Of Gas Does A Weed Eater Use?

So, if you’re environmentally friendly, then gas weed eaters are maybe not for you. The weed eater is the perfect tool for trimming your yard and sidewalk after a mowing session. This trimming job then brings out the best in your lawn with well-defined edges and clean-cut corners.

As far as usability, it is a great unit for small yards or even as a backup or secondary unit for commercial landscaping or yard cutting business. Its ergonomic design makes it more fuel-efficient and comfortable to handle as well. One thing I hate about gardening equipment is how some tools vibrate when in use. I usually get irritated by the vibration, and it makes me get tired within a short time. However, the Hitachi equipment has an anti-vibration feature. Therefore, you can operate this tool for longer without getting exhausted and finish your work without taking breaks regularly.

With a flexible cut path from 13 ” to 15 ”, you can use this tool as a weed trimmer or as a lawnmower. This string trimmer can even be attached to all Ryobi ConneXion accessories to maximize flexibility. With the effortless pull starting system, operating the weed eater is very easy. Even the cutting efficiency will be superior thanks to Tap’N Go’s dual-line feed. Best of all, the manufacturer offers standard warranty service for 2 years.

Unlike preconceptions, 2-stroke engines are not half as powerful as 4-stroke engines. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. They originally manufactured engine parts for tractors and later evolved to selling lawnmowers and other outdoor power tools. The oldest of all the companies here, Husqvarna is an ancient Swedish company that got its start as a weapons foundry. For centuries, Husqvarna produced guns along with a range of other products including sewing machines and bicycles.

Gas powered weed eaters or line trimmers are a great option when it comes to tackling weeds. A big consideration and one that I know well is the bigger the engine the heavier the machine. I’ve put 9 years of my commercial lawn care and gardening experience into helping you find the right weed eater. This is a suitable weed whacker for individuals that have difficulty managing heavier gas trimmers or have a smaller yard that doesn’t require a weed eater that lasts over an hour. This is an affordable trimmer that is capable of tackling small yard work and doesn’t require the technical skills of feeding in a new line or mixing oil and gas. One Amazon customer pointed out that the trimmer provides comparable power to that of a gas trimmer, but without the powerful fumes.

In most situations, a metal blade is better as it can handle the heavy-duty materials with ease. Within that category, a steel blade is the best choice by far. Both styles require both of your hands to control and direct the tool.