Students Support Socialism… Until It’s Applied To Their GPA

i’m kavit phillips with campus reform today we’re at Florida International University talking to students about their opinions of socialism and if they’d support a socialist GPA policy would they be willing to share their high GPA with people that have a low GPA it’s after all it’s all about equality which would you rather have in America socialism or capitalism I would say socialism how do you view the word socialism favorably or unfavorably I guess I would go it favorably like I family in Europe they go to college for free their health care is paid for they don’t have to worry about it at all I favor that where capitalism got it I also think I favor that like socialism over capitalism socialism is more geared toward like helping the people in your you know the governed I’d rather people have vesting opportunity a lot of excess in America the main idea of socialism being that people at the top are doing their fair share to help people at the bottom trying to prevent disparity of income and trying to prevent excess as you called it so on campus if there’s a GPA disparity where there’s people at the bottom with the poor GPA would you support a policy where people at the top spread the wealth and give that GPA to people to bottom give I’m all for helping I wouldn’t give like oh let me just give you some of my point but it’s about being fair right we got to help people the bottom I’ve lost a lot of sleep I will be fair it’s hard if I guess it would be kind of like hypocritical for me to say no how is it different because i’m like studying all day for my grade what do you mean by sharing it like literally like giving them a chunk of my GPA i would want to say no straight up but what’s difference between earning a high GPA and not wanting to give it away but then earning a lot of money and also not willing to give that away well I feel like the difference is you you study for your grades right and grades often reflect how much time you spend studying but it worked pretty hard to become a millionaire I mean I’m not denying that fact either but for the regular working person you know do there’s a similarity between earning your salary and and maybe not wanting to give it away people that aren’t working to earn it and same thing with the GPA where you earn and you say well I don’t necessarily want to give it to anyone who might not be working for it right I think it’s just that whole sense of people thinking that no one’s gonna work for it I mean I sacrificed a lot to get my GPA you know I I don’t go out as much as I’d like to but that’s for something like a greater goal in the future the way I see it so no I wouldn’t sacrifice my own things like sacrifice my own time to help somebody else who didn’t want to make those same sacrifices there’s some people who are in the bottom but they really are working and there’s some people are in the bottom and they deserve that but or a GPA kind of like people making money with their income exactly you know what I’m saying like so people let’s not throw shade anything about helping the less fortunate keep operating off of my word for you so who’s really the I don’t think that would be a good idea because then you’re taking away from people that earn that grade and what about the ones that aren’t really working hard for their grades so they’re just gonna get something they don’t really deserve got it and didn’t get similar with your salary yeah I definitely do know that’s the complete opposite of meritocracy okay complete office that’s like awful I don’t think they’re comparable cuz your GPA is not directly linked to like your quality of life necessarily but you still have to earn it the same way you’d have to earn a salary right well I don’t think most rich people in this country necessarily earn it much so that money is inherited much of that money you know is from made from the stock market which isn’t they’re not actually working for that they’re pressing a button behind a computer for that I mean well I mean there would be no point to having a GPA because then if everyone has the same then there’s no metric right but it’s all about fairness right well like is it fair it’s like look at it I look at it this way right is it fair for everyone to have the same outcome or to have the same opportunity right for me having the same opportunity is what is fair right not the same outcome right because if I work hard on you and I get a better result then it is only fair that I get a better greater I get a better opportunity than you right I’m kappa fil with campus reform thanks so much for watching if you want to donate to help us make more videos just like that you can click right here and if you to be the first person to see all of our new content click the subscribe button right here please click one of them doesn’t it – both one or the other okay thanks