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Set this option if the device using the Authentication Proxy first connects as a service user, disconnects, and then authenticates the user who is logging in with a separate RADIUS connection. The username specified here is case-sensitive, meaning that the username case in the incoming RADIUS authentication request must match the exempt username specified here. Send the value of another RADIUS attribute as the client IP address by setting this option to the desired RADIUS attribute.

client_ip_attr When authenticating, the proxy sends the value of the RADIUS calling-station-id to Duo and to the upstream primary authenticator as the client IP address. interface IP address of the network interface on which to listen for incoming RADIUS Access Requests. secure In the event that Duo’s service cannot be contacted, all users’ authentication attempts will be rejected. safe In the event that Duo’s service cannot be contacted, users’ authentication attempts will be permitted if primary authentication succeeds. radius_ip_1 IP address or IP address range for RADIUS clients.

Incoming requests will be filtered to a given server configuration based on IPs set in radius_ip_x in each server section. at_attribute If a user logs in with a username containing an @ symbol, the proxy defaults to searching the userPrincipalName attribute for a match. If username_attribute is set to an LDAP attribute other than userPrincipalName whose values contain the @ symbol , set this option to the same attribute used for username_attribute. bind_dn The full LDAP distinguished name of an account permitted to read from the Active Directory database.

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Typically, this would be the distinguished name of the user specified in service_account_username. If you enable SSL/TLS connections to your Active Directory or LDAP server, you should specify a value for this option. ssl_ca_certs_file Path to a file containing the CA certificate to be used to validate SSL/TLS connections to your Active Directory server.

Or, open the "Services" console (services.msc), locate the "Duo Security Authentication Proxy Service" in the list of services and click on it to select, and then click the start button. The Authentication Proxy communicates with Duo’s service on TCP port 443. If your organization requires IP-based rules, please review this Duo KB article. We recommend starting there, or with the Authentication Proxy Overview, and then using this page if you need advanced configuration options to support your device or service. Many of Duo’s application integrations do not require any local components.

The encrypted password or secret is specific to the server where it was generated, and will not work if copied to a different machine. If vpn that works with netflix you have multiple Authentication Proxy servers, be sure to run authproxy_passwd.exe separately on each one. The installer creates a user to run the proxy service and a group to own the log directory and files. You can accept the default user and group names or enter your own.

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If this option is set to true, then when an unenrolled user logs in, the proxy will send back an enrollment message in a RADIUS Access-Challenge response, but deny any subsequent responses to the challenge. short The proxy will format a simple, short textual-challenge message, listing only the available factor names .

Only clients with configured addresses and shared secrets will be allowed to send requests to the Authentication Proxy. If two server configurations have the same or overlapping IP ranges, the request will go to whichever comes first in the file. Multiple server configurations can be used by appending a number onto the end of the section name (e.g. `radius_server_auto1`, `radius_server_auto2`, etc.).