TOP thirty COLLEGE ADVICE TWITTERERS TO FOLLOW It’s no great surprise. Twitter is an excellent social media blog to find out the new college news and information. Set yourself up a new ‘college info’ list for Twitter through adding these to the next list. While you follow them, notice who they actually are communicating with and who some people follow then add activity more for that list. Before long you will have a detailed Twitter catalog that will make you stay abreast of the latest college news.

  1. @SuzanneShaffer -The ultimate Parent Higher education Coach (helping parents guide their college-bound teen work the college maze).
  2. @4CollegeParents University Parent’s twitter consideration. Great details for parents with college-bound teenagers.
  3. @CollegeVisit Everything you need to know about college goes to from mothers and fathers, students in addition to experts.
  4. @CollegeBlogs Awesome advice in relation to everything you need to know about college admissions.
  5. @SaveCollegeCost The BEST economic advice about for parents as well as college-bound teenagers.
  6. @SheldonWordNerd SAT assist (hook your teen up with this person! )
  7. @SusanPosluszny Work counselor some GREAT job advice regarding college-bound teenagers.
  8. @MyCollegeGuide As always, fantastic information about university and all issues related to college.
  9. @USATodayCollege College announcement from an outstanding news supplier.
  10. @VideoCoach Offering videos with all different kinds college advice and help.
  11. @FastWebdotcom Some sort of scholarship website that article content scholarship potentials.
  12. @TheCollegeGuide Great websites about higher education life together with topics related to college troubles.
  13. @CollegeWeekLive An online digital college reasonable offering are living events and even chats.
  14. @Scholarshipscom A scholarship webpage that articles scholarship chances.
  15. @Cappexcom A college corresponding, search, and also scholarship webpage for college-bound teens.
  16. @NYTimesCollege A university news blog page offering up-to-date news together with Q& A.
  17. @MoneyMgmt101 Helping college-bound teens and the parents get wise bucks choices.
  18. @CampusCommons Presenting an educational and entertaining blog to get college students.
  19. @IHEAdmissions Tips related to university (great articles or reviews and information reports).
  20. @CheapScholar Supporting students and their parents discover college resources and cheap deals.
  21. @EntrepreneurEDU Tweeting concerning entrepreneurial possibilities in college.
  22. @gilrogers An vestibule officer this tweets info about admissions balms and the college students who submit an application.
  23. @zinch Tweets pertaining to scholarships together with finding the ‘perfect fit’ university.
  24. @TheCampusBuzz Tons of articles related to college.
  25. @CollegeCalendar Tips for college-bound teens about staying planned and get yourself ready for admissions.
  26. @CollegeSurfing Excellent tweets around college announcement, college vestibule and university or college information.
  27. @MyUsearch Abide by this twitterer for the latest college information and current information.
  28. @Unigo Articles regarding college as well as higher education.
  29. @CollegeBlender — Making it simpler to connect to varsity student, college, and alumni blogs.
  30. @MindFish — A wiser and more entertaining way to undertake standardized studies. (pass this place on to your company’s kiddos! )


Each week I most likely will end up posting something that families ask, together with the answer. When you have a question you expect for me to handle, please email me or one on one message us on Forums (@SuzanneShaffer) together with I’ll be willing to feature this.

Q. Is it okay for this teen to decrease a high education course waist year?

A good. Even if your own personal college-bound teenage comes to you as well as says this colleges will not likely see all their grades and this doesn’t question, don’t give. Colleges will make the admissions decision prior to final marks but they will even request an end of the calendar year transcript. But if your teen droplets a course it will certainly show there and may raise concerns.

Information counselors, utilizing good reason, are actually vehemently next to dropping curriculums. Some institutions even involve parents and students so that you can sign some letter recognizing the risk they are really taking related to college entrée.

According to Shelter Bierer, a completely independent college information medium in Charlotte now, North Carolina, ‘some students try to get creative and suggest replacing an online path instead of the a single offered at their valuable high school all this too is not really looked upon confidently. ‘ In accordance with Brown University, ‘The actual fact that they wish to take it internet instead may raise eye brows. If they are having it anyways, why don’t some people just book class? If you have a organizing conflict together with another leading-edge course as well as the school encourages the switch for that reason, subsequently we’ll acknowledge that, in case they are simply just substituting a web option for the in-class selection, we will be a smaller amount understanding. ‘

Colleges critique the final high school transcript and use it to be able to gauge potential performance using the strength with the courses she or he takes. When colleges figure out that they have droped courses once they were endorsed, it could be regarded as grounds for revoking a deal of seuil. And really, it’s not worthwhile the risk.

Persuade your teen to stay it out. It is good training in persistence and it will fixed a routine for their university courses when tempted to decrease them at the same time. And it will help you save the let-down of entrance being canceled at the late deal!