Most Popular Video Converting Shareware For Low System Requirements That Needs To Be Developed In November 2020

Open over 80 different file types like PDF, RAR, ZIP, DOCX, PPTX & others from one program. It also offers basic image transformation and zoom functionality to adjust the image according to your liking.

You Can Just Scroll With Your Mouse To Explore Images

Thus, you need to know about the best free Image Viewer software out there. 123 Photo Viewer works with animated file types such as WebP, APNG, and GIF, etc.

Can automatically sort photos into albums based on data and geotagging data. It comes with a visually appealing user interface and options arranged neatly. Requires an internet connection to view your image stored in the cloud . It provides automated AI-powered face tagging in the images (can even face-tag your dog). It doesn’t automatically detect folders and images on your computer . Switching between images is very easy, can be done with a mouse. This picture viewer for Windows comes with hassle-free navigation and simple UI.


One of the common pitfalls of professional jargon in any field is that terms get a bit mixed up, conflated, or misused every now and then and through day-to-day communication. What You Need to Know about Medical Image Sharing If you are someone who routinely deals with medical images, you are likely to be familiar with the term DICOM. The Navegatium DICOM viewer has been designed especially for touchscreen computers and tablets, and when used on these devices can be very fast and simple to use. The layout and views can be customized as per user preferences. It can be directly integrated with PACS, but does not offer storage, importing and sharing. View image collections with pages in JPEG, static GIF and PNG formats. Double-click on your new REG file to merge it with your Windows Registry.

To navigate across images, it offers a next and previous buttons on its context menu. If there are no other files in the folder, it does the same thing. Many times I want to compare photos back and forth, and the wheel was always an easy way to do this, but Irfan View makes this difficult if you go 1 click to far.

It was really troublesome to view them by dragging download yahoo messenger the mouse up and down. You just need to enter your account and passwords for one time, and you will automatically log in the next time you share images.

You will need to click through the User Account Control and a few other windows to allow the file to make changes to the Registry. Copy the code from this post by Edwin over at TenForums into Notepad and save it as a REG file (call it whatever you like, maybe photoviewer.reg). Choose Windows Photo Viewer and exit the Settings menu, and you’re done — photos will now open up in Windows Photo Viewer.

  • If you choose Auto Fit in settings then the zoom is fine for vertically oriented images (as it stretches them to 178%) but too high for horizontally oriented images (stretched to 238%).
  • It supports numerous image formats like PNG, BMP, JPG, etc.
  • This software comes with a function of processing images in batch.
  • Apowersoft Photo Viewer is an app that provides a free cloud service.
  • In settings under Auto Image Size if you choose Fit Height it won’t stretch photos if they’re small (eg. 1000×800).

What’s more, you can customize the social media sites which you use most frequently. This tool occupies little resource and reduces much burden to the CPU. So you can view pictures smoothly even on computers with low configurations. In Advanced Options for Batch Convert, added an option to specify whether color adjustments (brightness, contrast, sharpening etc.) should be made before or after resizing. Double-click the reg file you downloaded and click Yes to the prompts for User Account Control and adding information to the Registry. The latest version of XnView includes bug fixes and updates, including improvements to color profiles and export options.

You can directly delete a file without a prompt of confirmation window by using the ‘delete’ key. You can perform all the basic edits including cropping, rotating, straightening, etc. You can use the software to create posters, montages, screensavers and even movies. Capturing moments with friends and family is utterly adorable. Pictures help you recollect your memories and live your moments again with your loved ones. They are witnesses of few moments as well as powerful mood boosters. Let it be any event, smaller or a bigger one; photo shoots have become mandatory.

Microsoft Photos app includes a built-in video editor that works fine enough for light editing. Can import photos from device folders and external media such as smartphones, cameras, etc. Once done, whenever you double click an image, it will open in your selected application. You can change the default as many times as you like using this process. Tap on a screenshot to display the focus, erase, and rotate keys, etc.