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Making Characters

The sentence structure, ironic appositives, and descriptions capture the essence of Pratchett’s writing without feeling forced or overdone. The previous chapters were filled with GURPS rules; the following chapters provide the narrative background to immerse yourself in the Discworld universe. These chapters contain minor spoilers for many Discworld novels, but don’t let that frighten you away. The emphasis is on themes, episodes from history, and the world at large.

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  • It uses Ganael LaPlanche’s fpart utility to chunk files together so that transfers can start immediately without waiting for complete recursive descent of the directory tree.
  • The new, pure-Qt version of kdirstat, called qdirstat, uses a near-identical utility called qdirstat-cache-writer, included Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader download in the above qdirstat source tree.
  • On multi-TB dirs, this cataloging can take hours and even days.
  • It is otherwise similar to it’s parent parsync (now deprecated; please don’t use it), but hasn’t been completely ported to the Mac.

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The only criticism of the Discworld story-focused chapters is that the writing is more descriptive than hook-based. In other words, these chapters recount what is in the Discworld universe, but they don’t pose explicit adventure hooks to inspire GMs in their campaign creation. This emphasis on description rather than hooks is common to GURPS worldbooks, but compared to other RPG products it’s a slight negative. Readers will quickly feel at home as they digest the development of the clacks, the attitudes between dwarfs and trolls, and the traditions of the Uberwaldian aristocracy. There have been hints of Pratchett’s satire and humor throughout the book, but in this chapter that style of language takes center stage, and it’s done quite well.

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The 34 pages of this chapter are gold for GMs that want to run a Discworld game but need some direction to get started. The Brown Islands is a rich campaign setting, but the chapter also includes a half dozen or so additional settings and scenario ideas. These settings are presented as brief vignettes with some ideas to get a campaign started. The character profiles contain some helpful suggestions for GMs. For instance, the Patrician’s description gives hints for how to handle his competence at almost everything, and GMs are encouraged to use Susan Sto Helit as a stabilizing force in the plot . It’s difficult to fully separate the mechanics of magic from the story-based flavor, and there are some descriptions of magic in chapter 5 that lean heavily on cross-references to this chapter. Aside from that quibble, this chapter effectively summarizes what the supernatural looks like in the Discworld universe.

The templates comprise the bulk of this chapter, but there is also a lengthy section on traits that are appropriate for nonhumans, such as brachiator for apes swinging on vines. While it’s helpful to have these traits separated out for reading purposes, it can be confusing to know which section contains a specific trait when you are looking up trait-specific rules. There’s also a brief discussion of tech levels from 0 to 5 , including where those tech levels are represented on the Disc. Although the character creation section on tech levels is well-written, there is no corresponding section that explains the impact of different tech levels on success rolls like Basic Set p. That seems like an oversight; the “crunch” aspect of specified tech levels is included without the mechanical support to implement that crunch. The discussion of basic attributes and secondary characteristics is brief and matches the Basic Set. The sections on reputation, social stigma, and status have more detail than the Basic Set, reflecting how frequently these themes are invoked in Discworld stories.