How To Change A Flat Car Tire

There are plenty of situations where it is wonderful to have a mechanic on hand to make the car repairs necessary. You can arrange for just about any repair you need with a reputable mechanic. But what do you do when you’re in the middle of your day, and you get a flat tire? In these situations you can go to your mechanic but not until you get yourself home. Learning how to change a flat car tire can help you get to your mechanic for repairs, and get yourself out of danger quickly.

Knowing how to change a tire will help you to not only better understand how your car works, get yourself out of emergencies, but lend aid to those you might encounter on the side of the road who need help with the same type of situation. The basics are the same no matter what kind of car you drive but it’s always important to keep your owner’s manual in the car so that you can refer to it in times of need.

The Basics of Changing a Tire

It is simple to replace a flat tire so long as you know the task at hand. You can save time and money by replacing tires yourself. In order to change a flat car tire you will need a few things. The first is a pump and gauges. You also need penetrating oil, car jacks, tire gauges, lug nut wrenches, and a spare tire. 

  • When you first begin to change a flat car tire you need to make sure that the car is moved off of the road and out of the way of traffic. 

  • You should park it on level ground and put on the parking brake. 

  • If it is an automatic, put it in park. If it is a manual, put it in gear. 

  • Make sure that you alert other drivers by putting on your hazards and even by lifting the hood.

At this point you should make sure the car is secure and will not roll. If your car is facing uphill you can place a large rock in front of the wheel diagonal to the one which is flat. If the car is facing downhill you should place a large rock behind the wheel diagonal to the one which is flat. Once this is done you can remove the hubcap and begin to loosen the lug nuts using the lug nut wrench. 

Man Changing a Car Tire

Check the Manual

When you jack the car up you should verify with your owner’s manual to ensure that you are placing the jack safely and correctly. After this you should carefully take off each of the lug nuts and place them where they will not roll away. You should then remove your damaged, flat tire. At this point the tire should be hanging by the studs. Once you have removed the old tire replace it with the new one. When you put the new tire on, the air valves should always face out. 

You can then replace the lug nuts in the same manner in which you removed them. After this you can bring down the jack and take it off entirely. You can then re-tighten the lug nuts so that they are secure. Once this is done you can replace the hubcap and continue on your way. Learning this procedure can save you time and money and help you in any future pinches when your tire blows. After you have replaced the tire, be sure to take the old one to a shop when you buy a new tire to dispose of it properly.

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