Here Are The Top 8 Most Common Car Repairs In 2018

Last year was a really busy time for car mechanics and all other professionals who work in the automotive field. During the 12 months of 2018, we’ve been seeing new car models by important car brands, including hybrid car models, SUV cars, electric cars and cars that are provided with a smart driving system which is expected to make the car driver’s experience easier and safer.

Car Maintenance Is A Real Money Saver

The world of cars is literally shocking millions of car drivers… innovations and progress seem to boost the entire industry and to lead it to “the next level” of the future!

However, even the most advanced car is and will always stay a machine, that is a product which might go through mechanical or electrical troubles. And the year 2018 wasn’t an exception to this ever-valid truth.

According to specialized professionals in the automotive field, regular car maintenance can help save much money on car repairs, if you consider that the average car repair bill costs several hundred dollars if not more.

Car Repairs That You Might Easily Avoid

If you plan a regular car maintenance checkup, you will be able to avoid most expensive car repairs, saving money and patience at the same time. In particular, have a look at the following top 10 most common car troubles during 2018:

  1. Replacement of catalytic converter: you realize you need this car repair when you notice a loss of engine power and a slow start of your vehicle. Usually, fuel efficiency tends to drop, as well.

  2. Loose fuel cap: just an easy fix that you can do yourself. If you notice the smell of gas in the car cabin, that’s a sign the car cap is not set the correct way.

  3. Replacement of oxygen sensor: all engines need oxygen to enter the catalytic converter. If something is going wrong with the oxygen sensor, you might notice a loss of fuel efficiency and a different sound when the engine idles. Other symptoms include jerky acceleration and the smell of rotten eggs.

  4. Replacement of mass air flow sensor: this is another sensor which has a crucial role in the engine system. When the engine stalls often just after it starts, it’s possibly because the mass air flow sensor is not working correctly. Another common symptom is when the acceleration is jerky and the engine sounds like hiccuping.

  5. Replacement of spark plug: spark plugs are very important engine components. They are responsible for decreased fuel efficiency and for troubles when starting the engine. By luck, it’s reasonably easy to remove an old spark plug and replace it with a new EGR valve

  6. Replacement of EGR valve: before to remove the old EGR valve, disconnect the battery and find on your car manual where the valve is placed in the engine. This valve is important because it reduces the cylinder temperature. If it doesn’t work properly, the engine sounds differently when starting and idling.

  7. EVAP purge control valve: when the car has troubles to start immediately after refueling, the EVAP purge valve might have a role in the trouble. This valve allows the vapor in the engine to be burned up with the fuel.

  8. Replacement of ignition coil: when the car engine shakes and makes weird sounds, it might depend on the ignition coil. Unfortunately, when the ignition coil doesn’t work anymore, the only solution is to remove it and replace with a new one (don’t forget to disconnect the battery before to work on it!).

Car Emergencies That Locksmiths Can Help You Fix

Mechanical and electrical troubles are not the only types of car problems – there are also unexpected car emergencies that involve car keys, car door locks, and car lockouts.

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