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If you like to use your keyboard and mouse both at home and the office, you can try a Bluetooth setup with an adapter you can use on your office workstation and your home PC. As expected, even small PC accessories can have a large impact on how we use gadgets today. The list of USB Bluetooth adapter benefits is long but we’ll only have a look at a few of them.

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Due to the small form factor, it’s very easy to lose a Bluetooth adapter. Most users end up losing these adapters when they’re used on laptops when they end up taking them outside of the home. Given their small value, this might not be the biggest cause of concern when purchasing a USB Bluetooth adapter. If you use the adapter at the office, you can simply unplug it and plug it to a new computer as often as needed.

All computers running HP officejet pro 6970 driver Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 can run it and this is why Mpow even included an installation CD with the dongle in case the older-generation computer doesn’t recognize the dongle. The range of these small adapters is limited to 10 meters.

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It can work only as a transmitter or as a receiver using a simple physical switch that changes these modes. It represents a viable option for a long-range of 66 feet which covers small apartments or an entire floor level of a house. With transfer speeds of up to 2Mpbs, you won’t need to wait too long for your photos or files to transfer to the personal computer through Bluetooth.

All the best affordable USB Bluetooth Adapters are small. You can remove them from the USB port with your fingers only. Since they’re so small, the USB adapters can also be considered for both home and office use.

If you change the desk you work at frequently, this is a top advantage. On the other hand, you might own a computer to use at home and a laptop to use while away. You can toggle the adapter between the 2 computers with the same plug and play functionality as needed. Without using any cables, your smartphone quickly sends and receives data from a PC through Bluetooth.

Some argue it would be easier to purchase a compute that already comes with a built-in Bluetooth adapter. But this means investing in a new setup and simply purchasing an affordable Bluetooth adapter is inexpensive and highly efficient. With Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the small adapter is made for low power consumption which it drives through the USB port. Still, it works with high data transfer speeds of up to 3Mbps. The compact Bluetooth dongle adapter is among the options you have when you need an ultra-small form factor.

Since the range is good and the data transfer speed is also good, you can use the little adapter for video calls as well. Skype calls can be directed from your computer to your smartphone without interruptions. With a reduced size, the Bluetooth adapter is also very small and ready for travel. You can attach it to your laptop when away from home. Most users tend to lose their Bluetooth adapters when transported otherwise. You need the Mpow Bluetooth adapter if your computer runs an older version of Windows.

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In some cases, there’s no point in looking after large best affordable USB Bluetooth Adapters that simply take up too much space. The Bluetooth receiver and transmitter is one of the adapters you can use if you have privacy concerns.