DimOk, lead Traffic Devils, Mikhail Entropia and other speakers Sempro 2020

Sempro 2020 – a conference on mining and traffic monetization, which will be held for the sixth time. On the site are collected, participants and opinion leaders from all over the CIS, attends the afterparty 50% of participants.

 This is the brightest event on careers working with the dead SEO and Arbitration in Eastern Europe. The conference, which will be all!

 That tough this year?

 1200+ people from all over the CIS and from abroad, 75% – veby;

 18 speakers in the four top verticals: guts, PDL, Gamble and vertical at the choice of participants (there is a vote: http://bit.ly/nisha-vybor);

 3500 sq. m for networking;

 30+ booths at the exhibition;

 4 additional mitapa the conference.

 This year Sempro be held May 21 in Kiev, in the art space D12. We expect the 1200+ people from all over the CIS. This year, as always, will be two streams: SEO and CPA.

 All content under four specialized vertical: guts, the PDL, Gamble, fourth niche organizers announce later. Well, the traditional theme – Traffic and SEO on the Burj.

 The principle of selection of speakers is the same as in the previous year. Apart from the popular speakers, will be those who pour a lot, but the first time in his life goes on stage at Sempro.

 On the topic insides acts Dmitry Golopolosov, aka DimOk, one of the top affiliate Everad. It develops more than 30 resources, and is a co-owner of the affiliate Clickbaze. The conference will talk about $ 300K per year for one offere with tizerok.

 According to Gamble will be several speakers.

 Alexander Slobozhenko, team lead Traffic Devils, will tell you how to collect deposits 20K + per month Gamble. Vladimir Luchaninov, the PBN expert in the gaming topics, tells how domonetizirovat traffic and distribute it properly.

 By PDL and finance will be Andrei Smolyakov, co-founder of the arbitration team CPAlab with a turnover of $ 150 000 per month. His topic – how to pour 40% ROI in geo, language you do not know. How do ads with high CTR is not knowing the language. The report will highlight the experience of 12 geo, including Europe, South America.

 SEO-speakers: Edward Pazyuk, Head of SEO Depositphotos, will talk about working with shortcuts like PR; Ivan Bogovik 11 years of experience with SEO to the West, and will talk about the content. Sergei Bezborodov, the creator of the fastest of SaaS-crawler in the world JetOctopus, will present a paper checklist-on, where the potential for growth in technical SEO optimization.

 Michael Svinarev, co-owner of the closed CPA-Forum Defo.cc, will talk about the most current trends of promotion to the West at the time of the conference.

 And Denis Narizhny the most anticipated speaker last year, will present as many as two reports on the CPA will tell you how to take 1500+ of leads per day, almost white niche for SEO – for gluing domains.

 This year will also be an exhibition, two times more than last time, on it will be 30+ stands: Everad, Drop1, two new affiliate Trionika: PDL-profit and Edu-profit and services for arbitration.

 Already confirmed their participation, participants of the top companies: LeadNetwork, SE Ranking, Drop1, Evoplay, Storm Digital, RocketProfit, EduCashion, Kadam, Capitalist.

 Before the conference, there will be several closed meetings, which are included in the party’s ticket options. The program will appear on the website closer to the event. It will be a meeting of the sponsors, dinners with speakers and more.

 On Sempro always give a lot of gifts. This year is no exception. Partners give Audi Q8, a bunch of apple technology, Go Pro and all sorts of small gifts.

 And, as always, will be explosive afterparty with rivers of alcohol, exclusive show program and a quiet area, a great atmosphere and superusloviya for profitable collaborations.

 Sign up via the link to buy a ticket profitable. Your promotional code to save 10% – logincasino.

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