8 of the Best Vintage Ford Cars Ever Made

Ford is one of the best car brands in the world. This car brand has been there since 1903 and has been in operation for hundreds of years.  The brand has somehow managed to stay afloat and fight off its competition. But, this article is going to take you back in time. Keep reading and get to know some of the oldest Ford cars that you might want to add on to your collection of Vintage cars.

The 1908 Ford Model T

 This car marked the revolution of the Automobile industry. The Ford Model T is known as the first car that was quite affordable. Therefore, it quickly grew into the hearts of a lot of people back in the 20th Century. Over 16 million cars for this model were sold and they were eventually phased out in 1927.  But, the car is one of the most sold cars in the automobile history.

The Lincoln K Series 1931

A lot of car brands made quite a mark back in the 1930s including the Cadillac, Bugatti, Mercedes and the Bentley. They got to establish some of the most beautiful cars ever seen. But, the ford still managed to make its mark by launching the Lincoln K Series.  The car made quite a number of sales until it eventually got phased out back in 1937. But, it will still make your vintage collection look good.

The 1932 Ford V-8

The features of the V-8 model are quite stunning and eye-catching even to date. The car falls under the Model B Series and had the best engine of its time. But, the car goes down in history for the unusual but beautiful 3, 6 litre mill.  And, as time passed, the car was remodelled into an even better shape that made it more popular in the World War era.

The Ford F-100

This 1953 version was definitely the best seller of its time. The car came with so much room for those who liked to carry a little baggage on rides. The pick-up design made it quite popular even with the farmers and small scale business owners. Also, the best part was that the car came in different sizes, therefore, buyers could choose on whether they wanted the smaller version or the bigger version.

The Ford GT-40

This car is for those that are into sports cars. The Ford GT-40 definitely had the Ferrari brand running for its money. This is the first car to compete with the Ferrari on the sports tracks. Although it faced a few criticisms, it still managed to serve its purpose on the tracks. At the end of it all, the car managed to beat the Ferrari on the race course with all of its 8 entries.

The Ford Thunderbird

This car was there for over 5 decades. It would constantly get remodelled for the ford fans. However, the first model ever to be made of this car was made back in 1955. And, it definitely dragged out through all those years for a reason. The car was more of a luxury car but it came with quite a good horsepower. Also, it got bigger in 1957 when the second model was created.

The Lincoln Continental 1961

The first Lincoln version can be found back in the 1940s. Therefore, it was also one of the most popular of all the Ford Cars.  The 1961 version of Lincoln was bigger and better than the previous version. Additionally, it was built on even better car material.  The Lincoln continental had quite a unique look to it and managed to stand firm against the Cadillac contenders. Additionally. It became the first car to have a four door convertible since the mid-1940s.

The Mustang

The ford mustang is one of the best muscle cars that has been in existence for over 50 years now. The car has had such a good reputation in a lot of movies with some of the best actors ever. Therefore, the car gained quite a reputation amongst the crowds. The best part is that you can get the car at the most affordable prices there is as well.


Ford is one of the best cars that you can put on your vintage car list. The cars have a unique design and they can easily be modified into a design of your choosing.  Therefore, if you pick up any of the above-mentioned cars, you would have definitely made some of the best picks.