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I don’t think any of the stores have these in person for you to see, but from what we found online it does look like they have some good ones. These guys fulfill my animalistic tendencies in all the right ways. They have got some great patterns that are fun, youthful, and perfect for a kids room. Haven’t tried these guys out in person, but they do have some pretty cute temporary wallpaper options.

Anewall Watercolor Blue & Grey Cloud Wallpaper

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High Schools

Custom galleries could act like a wallpaper playlist and significantly expand the Wallpapers’ app functionality. Microsoft’s new Android app follows in the footsteps of its Bing Wallpapers app for Windows. You can set the app to cycle through a new image every day, or pick out a favorite Bing wallpaper from the spotify download platform’s massive gallery.

You can also program your wallpaper to change once a week or once a month if you’re so inclined. Which wallpaper is the one at the top, in the little girl’s bedroom? YAS. I’m on the hunt for wallpaper for our guest bath and I’m whining about it today on my own blog.

WP Chomp’s Wallpaper Scorer Remover is one option that is fit for the challenge. This tool includes dual cutting wheels that are made of tempered steel for added strength and durability. Its compact size makes it easy to get into tighter areas, while the ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue. Due to its thicker construction and two-layer application, vinyl is one of the harder wall coverings to remove. Here, you’ll have to remove both the layer of textured vinyl and the paper backing underneath—a task which not all solvents or removers are up to. It’s also important to score the vinyl before beginning the removal process. If you’re looking for an affordable steam cleaner optimized for use as a wallpaper remover, this budget model is a good pick.

You’ll still need to put in some work when using this budget wallpaper remover solvent, though. Consider pairing it with a scoring tool and a scraping tool to supplement your efforts. WP Chomp’s citrus solvent is a go-to choice among many, widely praised for its ability to transform the tedious task into a quick spray-and-peel session. This ready-to-use wallpaper solvent is effective on all types of wallpaper, including vinyl, strippable, or removable wall coverings. The key is to ensure that you score the wall first, then thoroughly saturate the area with this wallpaper remover solvent. You can purchase the formula in a spray bottle to make the application super simple and mess-free.

The included accessories are limited to steam plates, with an 8 x 11-inch version and a smaller 3 x 6-inch version for tight spaces. Designed with a 4-inch soft-grip handle, this wallpaper scraper is comfortable to hold and offers a safe, secure way to use the razor-sharp blade to peel back wallpaper. The long handle provides additional leverage and also proves useful when working on hard-to-reach areas like ceilings or behind a radiator.

A basic set of tools for removing wallpaper will typically include a scoring wheel, a scraper, and a solvent for tough adhesives or to accelerate the process. Other options for wallpaper removers include steam cleaners, which offer a faster chemical-free way to loosen wallpaper adhesive. "A convenient spray gel makes quick work of dissolving wallpaper glue, leaving no trace of adhesive behind." "This steamer includes a variety of attachments, but the wallpaper steam plate is a game changer for quick removing old wallpaper." "A concentrate that requires dilution before use, this DIF wallpaper solvent is an affordable way to dissolve wallpaper adhesive." The only thing that’s missing from the Bing Wallpapers app is a feature for building custom background galleries.

A right-click on the system tray icon displays the application menu. You may use it to switch to a different wallpaper (yesterday’s for instance) and quit the application. The program runs in the background after installation and will download the first wallpaper from Bing right away . Our top pick is WP Chomp World’s Best Wallpaper Stripper , which is an effective and convenient solvent that works on any type of wallpaper, including vinyl. If you have a few different needs , we’d recommend the Wallwik Simple Strip Wallpaper Removal Kit . It comes with everything you’ll need to complete your project, including a scoring tool, solvent, and skimmer.