The Importance of Trust


The Importance of Trust


There are many facets to trust. It can be socially and culturally defined differently depending on the context. In essence, trust is a belief in the reliability, honesty, and ability of another person. But achieving trust is not easy. It takes years to develop and maintain trust between people. As an example, let’s consider the French playwright and actor Molière. He studied at the College de Clermont. His essay entitled “The Importance of Trust” was published in the Sept/Oct issue of The New Physician, as well as on the AMSA website and social media.

To truly understand trust, you must learn to define it. According to Merriam Webster, trust means “the assurance of reliance upon strength or character”. To understand what it means, imagine a situation in which you trust a stranger but have no way of knowing what will happen. During such situations, it is important to remember that trust is an emotional commodity that can be easily broken. It takes time to gain trust and time to rebuild it, but the end result is always worth it.