4 Must-Know Tricks To Get Your Car Fixed After A Collision

Millions of cars and other vehicles get involved in road accidents every day. By luck, most car accidents aren’t fatal for car drivers, passengers, and pedestrians but the consequences on the vehicles involved might be seriously worrying.

car collisionThe Biggest Questions After A Car Crash

Imagine that you’ve just got involved in a car collision. You are ok, no injures and no blood around yourself, but as you get off your car, you see that it needs urgent repairs after the crash. The first question you will feel developing in your head is “where can I start from now?” or “What can I do to fix such a problem?”.

Finally, your probably biggest question is “how can I make sure the insurance company won’t take advantage of me because of this car crash?”. When a car collision happens, one of the numerous worries for car drivers is about the money that their car insurance providers might charge for the crash.



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Ways You Can Get Your Car Fixed

Back to our point – your car needs an urgent fix. The car collision wasn’t fatal but it left a few horrible consequences on your vehicle. Your worries and ever-there concerns about the money and the insurance company are more than understandable. So, here are a few must-know tricks to help you get your car fixed after a car collision without too many headaches for you:

  1. Choose which insurance to use after the crashcar fix
    If you are not at fault for the car crash, you can choose which insurance company to use to get your car fixed. If you choose to use your insurance company and you have a contract, you’ll get their coverage for the car crash. If you have comprehensive coverage (including car collision), you’ll have to pay for that every month. Finally, if you only have liability coverage, you won’t have any choice than going through the at-fault driver’s insurance.
  2. Choose the mechanic for the car fix
    Most insurance companies have a few preferred auto repair shops. So, you’ll be provided by your car insurance company the name and address of those shops for your car fix. However, this should be intended as only a suggestion. You can still choose to take your car to another auto repair shop that you know. Consider that auto repair shops that work along with car insurance companies have serious interests to provide the company’s clients with high-class services. Moreover, their rates are sensibly lower for the insurance company clients.
  3. You can also choose not to fix your car
    You are enabled to choose whether to fix your car or not. In case you opt for not fixing it (because the car is still drivable or it’s very light damage), you will be given the cash rather than the repair. Once you get the cash, you may also change your mind and take your car to a friend of yours who can fix it for a lower price or for free. But if you have a lienholder on your car, you will have to get the repairs done otherwise you may have problems when you try to sell the car.
  4. Choose to keep the car or not
    Depending on how much your car has been damaged in the car accident, you may even consider not to keep it. It all depends on the costs for repairs, if you see it’s not worth the effort because the costs are higher than the value of your car, the insurance company might decide to pay you the amount of money for the value of your car.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept what the insurance company offers for your car’s value. You can reply proposing an agreement on what your car is realistically worth.